Some of the projects I’m involved in…

ClickTie specializes in turning outdated and under-performing websites into online businesses that attract customers and generate sales using strategic website design and Internet marketing solutions.

LifetimeDesigner offers information and products that help to design and live a fulfilling and productive life as an entrepreneur. is a portal with short and actionable lessons about life and business from books and worldly wisdom. is an online store that offers hand-crafted candles, made from pure beeswax in the pristine mountains of British Columbia. is a collection of inspiring stories and tidbits that spark conversations. provides ecommerce website design and online marketing services tailored for retailers and manufacturers who are selling products online.

PromoMotor provides effective online advertising and internet marketing services to business owners with local businesses.

Design ignites the passion.
Technology gives the tools to get things done faster.
Dedicated service helps others succeed and makes the world a better place.
Business generates money and opens new opportunities.